What is Culture Stories?

Culture Stories is a website, online shop and global adventure. Founded by anthropologists, Culture Stories celebrates diversity and creativity around the world, blending Art, Culture and Exploration.

Here you will find a veritable smorgasbord of life – from photographic essays to poetry; from politics to literature; from fashion to travel. Our online shop features a capsule collection of limited editions and independent designs – an online destination for shopping adventures. At Culture Stories we are inspired by the rich and diverse ways of being human, an approach that encourages us to find beauty in the everyday and in everyplace. Find out more about us here.

What is your business ethos?

Culture Stories endeavours to be an honest, responsible, and ethical company in all that we do. At our heart, we are committed to supporting talent, sustainability and cross-cultural understanding.

We carry this ethos across all aspects of our business concept – from the quality of our creative articles to the provenance of the products in our shop.

We champion a more socially conscious way of shopping, introducing you to the stories and makers behind every product we stock in our shop. We strongly believe in quality control and tracking the provenance of the beautiful things we sell. The way we see it, this attention to detail and concern for ethical business practices goes hand in hand with bringing you the best in refined, independent design.

Our articles and creative content endeavour to spur and foster intelligent debate. We bring you a range of voices in order to engage with global issues, diverse opinions, and more considered ways of living. More than lifestyle, we care about real life.

How about your shop's ethical standards?

At Culture Stories we are committed to championing conscious consumption. But fear not, there’s not a single hemp skirt in sight! Basically, we love quality, design and beautiful things. We believe in the importance of a responsible and conscious attitude towards consumption – buying less and buying better – choosing to spend our lives amongst beautiful objects with unique stories to tell. We bring you beautifully made, carefully considered goods that are built to last.

We are deeply concerned with responsible provenance, both from a human and environmental perspective. We only work with people who also take ethical business practices seriously. We engage in meaningful communication with all our suppliers about how to raise standards and make our business more sustainable and responsible.

We also share in the challenges of doing ethical business, acknowledging the shades of grey that colour our contemporary global existence. Rather than adhering blindly to standards, we instead turn our energies towards being as curious as possible. We see ourselves as taking part in the Fashion Revolution, asking #whomadeyourclothes to everyone we meet. We care about who, how, where, and with what materials each of our products were made. Don’t you?

How do you select your suppliers?

Our retail team works with independent brands, inspiring designers and talented artists. We are always on the hunt for special products with an interesting story and refined aesthetic. As well as being detail-oriented curators, we are also focused on responsible provenance and sustainability.

We are especially interested in doing brand collaborations and showcasing limited edition pieces. Unlike traditional retailers, we believe that small is beautiful. This approach allows us to work with designers and ateliers with a smaller production capacity. From art and homewares to fashion, beauty and accessories, our shop showcases the best in unique and independent design from around the world.

If you trust you have a product or design we should know about, please contact us.

Are online payments on your Shop safe?

We take online security very seriously. Making payments in our shop is safe. All orders are encrypted with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology on both your end and ours. SSL encrypts all of your personal information including credit card number, name, and address. This way your private information is kept safe.

For your own safety we do not save any of your payment information. Payments are made directly through WorldPay—certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1, the most stringent level of certification, so we can guarantee that important information stays confidential and private.

How about deliveries and returns?

We endeavour to give you a great online shopping experience. Find out all about our delivery and returns policy here.

How can I contribute or get involved with Culture Stories?

In lots of ways! Our editorial team is always looking to take on new contributors and to develop creative talent. If you have a bright idea to share, we would love to hear from you.

From art to food and social commentary, we are interested in the themes that draw us all together in conversation. We have an array of regular feature columns, independent articles, photo-essays, video and sound experiences. We are interested in supporting and publishing creative work across a variety of media formats.

If you’d like to become a Culture Stories contributor, please contact us.

What kind of advertising do you feature on Culture Stories?

At Culture Stories we sometimes feature sponsored articles and native advertising across a breadth of multimedia platforms. Rather than using traditional banner advertisements, we integrate sponsored stories within our existing editorial content. We only work with those companies and brands that we truly enjoy and with whom we see a genuine connection. Culture Stories endeavours to act with integrity in all that we do. All our sponsored content is clearly demarcated with a label that allows you to differentiate these pieces from our regular editorial content.

How can I advertise with Culture Stories?

If you would like to explore creative advertorial and custom content solutions with the team at Culture Stories, please get in touch with our Advertising Team at advertise@culturestories.co. We’d love to explore ways of telling your brand’s story together. We harness the talent of our editorial team to create bespoke advertorial solutions tailored to suit your needs. Click here to learn more.

What does Culture Stories do offline?

Culture Stories curates unique cultural events offline for organisations, brands and projects. It is our way of jumping off screen and into real life! From lectures to dinners and exhibitions, we specialise in creating fun cultural experiences. For more information about collaborating, partnering or engaging Culture Stories as a curatorial consultant for an offline event or experience, please contact our Events Team at events@culturestories.co. For more information, click here.