What I Read: a Feminist Bookshelf

When her nose isn't in a book Charlotte Jane can be found curating the most literary of Instagram feeds, one page & tiny square at a time

The girl who loved books & her feminist bookshelf

My mum encouraged me to read from a really young age, so I’ve loved reading for as long as I can remember! I used to love reading those Biff & Chip learning books and defaced all of my copies by drawing great fat tick marks on the page every time I thought I’d read it correctly!” – henceforth started Charlotte Jane’s love of books.

Like so many bookish women of our generation, Charlotte started off with the classics, “I loved the Beatrix Potter books, Heidi, Little Women, the What Katy Did series, and the Faraway Tree Collection. Of course when the first Harry Potter came out I quickly became obsessed.” She quickly moved on to more intense stories and soon enough she was hooked. Yes, you can become hooked on books. But we’re pretty sure that books are better than pills. So consider yourself warned, but please take no heed in this warning and read on.

Culture Stories caught up with Charlotte and her beautiful @what.i.read Instagram account, where the bibliophile chronicles the various books she reads (and sometimes the coffees she drinks, too). Through her curatorial tiny squares you get to see all sorts of literary inspiration: books, book bags, bookshops of London, books being read on Parisian balconies, and even a pet rabbit (who seems like a great reading companion). And though Philip Pullman was the first author to make her cry, “I loved his Dark Materials, The Amber Spyglass was the first book to ever make me cry”, Charlotte holds a special place in her heart (and on her bookshelf) for books by women, for women and about women. We do too. We think its good time we all do the same. So go ahead, add another book to your own feminist bookshelf.