Witches of Instagram

Because not all witches live in Salem. Some of them live on Instagram.

Let’s face it. When it comes to style, witches get a bad rap. Pointy hats, creepily long fingernails, greenish complexions, drab black dresses – pop culture representations of witchy style haven’t typically inspired much of a fashion following. But all that changed with Hedi Slimane’s debut collection at Saint Laurent. Suddenly billowing silk maxi dresses and hats with oversized brims were all the rage. Inspired by the Gypsey sorceresses of 1970s Los Angeles, most notably the occultist Marjorie Cameron, the collection ushered in a once dormant nostalgia for everyday mysticism. Other fashion brands have since followed suit, with Comme Des Garcons and Ammerman Schlösberg tuning into the magical style power of modern witches.

Photos via Comme des Garçons and Saint Laurent (Getty/Imaxtree)

While witchy style is claiming its place on high-fashion runways, its following is even more impressive on Instagram. A community of witches has come together to form something of a social media coven, swapping styles and sharing magical inspirations from films, fashion and folklore. Not wanting to miss out on the cultural zeitgeist, we decided to find out what’s up with that. But where exactly do you go to scratch beneath the surface of the witchcraft scene on Instagram? To newcomer Sabat Magazine of course. Focusing on the renewed nostalgia for witchcraft in pop culture, the magazine explores the themes of modern witchcraft and femininity.

Meanwhile witchy trail blazers like Bri Luna at The Hoodwitch™, offer “everyday magic for the modern mystic” online. With an Instagram following of close to 100 thousand followers, she’s a force to be reckoned with. Click through to her website you’ll find crystals, blue sage smudging sticks and yes, even a cast iron cauldron. There’s also a real sense of community with Tarot card readings, teachings on erotic astrology and a new real-life Goddess featured each week. On the community front, over at Mystic Mamma it’s all about words of inspiration and empowerment for “new mammas” as they transition from Maiden to Mother.

Photos via Instagram: Bri Luna of The Hoodwitch™ (@thehoodwitch) & Mystic Mamma (@mysticmamma)

For the modern witches of Instagram, being labelled as a Witch is something overwhelmingly positive. For Fay Nowitz at Nyxturna it’s a identity based on cultivating a spiritual connection to nature and to the power of the physical world. For others like the Witches of Bushwick collective it’s all about embracing an occult girl gang feeling; playing with fashion, sexuality and the aesthetics of mysticism. Other witchy influencers are embracing career paths catering directly to their peers, whether it’s artist and poet Segovia Amil, fashion designer Ashley Rose or makeup artists Gina Frey and Steffanie Strazzere.

What’s clear is that this Instagram scene brings together a thoroughly modern mix of women with diverse but often intersecting interests in feminism, veganism and occult spirituality. The result is a stylish and engaging subculture that’s becoming increasingly mainstream. Sharing empowering images with positive messages like, “You are magic. Don’t ever apologize for the fire in you,” there’s nothing spooky about this super stylish movement. So forget the old-school stereotypes of warty toads and flying brooms. Let these bad-ass witches cast a stylish spell over your Instagram feed.

Photos via Instagram: Makeup Artist @ginafrey & Artist/Poet @segoviaamil