Forget Brangelina, Meet Africa’s Barbie Savior

Lions and Orphans and Selfies, oh my! Parody Instagram celebutante Barbie Savior sits down with Culture Stories for an exclusive interview

Checking your privilege is important. It is akin to the famous ‘Check yourself before you wreck yourself’. It means thinking about your own position before passing judgement, considering how your privilege has coloured your world view. That is all well and good, of course, but what if you want to save Africa? Or what if you’re ridiculously good looking, does it still apply? Perhaps not, as Culture Stories found out in an exclusive interview with Instagram parody celebrity Barbie Savior (perhaps a distant cousin of Hipster Barbie?).

The doll faced 20-year-old tells us about the charity she’s founded, collecting tears for drinking water, and how she’s out to single handedly save ‘the country of Africa’. She’s not sure what exactly she’s saving Africa from, but she sure looks good doing it.

An Interview Exclusive with Barbie Savior

Culture Stories: What made you want to volunteer in Africa?

Savior Barbie: Ever since I was little I was deeply fascinated with and moved by those living in the third world, specifically the country of Africa. Like I have stated, my true love for Africa came from watching The Lion King. From the first time watching it, I knew one day I would go to Africa. As I grew older I learned about the poverty and disparity that ravage the entire country. Even though I have no training whatsoever, I know that the answers to all the problems here lie within me.

I learned so much about Africa from pop culture before ever setting foot on this precious country’s beautiful, red soil. One of the most influential films, obviously, was The Lion King. “Everything you see exists together in a delicate balance. As king, you need to understand that balance and respect all the creatures, from the crawling ant to the leaping antelope.” How different would life be if we ALL saw each others as equals? The circle of life has no colors, just love. #thesaviorqueen #alwaysroomontopofthefoodchain #pridefulonpriderock #hakunamatata

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CS: What is your life’s mission?

SB: Well I have a couple of start-up nonprofits, small businesses, and missions as you know – I am very busy collecting tears, roasting corn, loving on orphans, and giving away high heels. But overall I am just here to do whatever I feel led to do.  Some may say I go wherever the wind blows. Whether that be providing people with tear water to drink, or providing a shoulder for someone to cry on (and collect their tears, of course, so they in turn can help themselves – I have been learning so much about the importance of empowerment!)

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CS: Who are your personal heroes?

SB: SO MANY! I don’t really like to name names as it distracts from what I myself am doing. But know that I could never do what I have done without the inspiration of so many.

CS: What were your first impressions upon arrival?

SB: The sights and smells were so overwhelming at first. Also, something that seriously caught me off guard was that the dirt here is red. IT’S ACTUALLY RED. As in, literally not black. I have been pondering this for weeks now. I have started some rough drafts of my auto-biography entitled, “The Dirt that Wasn’t Black.” I am hoping it will allow me a creative space to really explore this phenomenon. People here, even though they have no material objects at all, are literally happy every single second of every single day. All you have to do is look at their smiles and realize that they hold no sorrow or anxiety about anything in their lives at all. Only happiness and joy. I have never seen anyone in my life not be happy without Starbucks, and yet, this was one of the greatest epiphanies that I had. Happiness without red cups? It is possible. I’ve seen it. I’ve lived it.

The red dirt cascades around my feet, encircling my heels and her toes, filling every space.  Ever since I landed in this country Africa, the dirt has seeped into my soles. The country itself has seeped into my SOUL. This place. It holds the answers to all our questions, if we only stop to ask. #loveothers #loveonorphans #called #change #soul #africa #whitesavior #hero #reddirt #orphans #blessed #tenderheart #twoworlds #oneheart #greatwhitehope #disciplethestreets #likes #forlikes #followme #mission #hereiamlord #blessed #purpose #thirdworld #stayprayedup

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CS: Do you have a favourite orphan? How did their story touch your heart?

SB: Well… so far I haven’t actually met a true orphan. I have worked with many children, who, later it turned out had families… oops.

Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the fly covered African child, to me: I lift my face to the sky to usher them home into my arms. #maybeonedaytheywillmakeastatueofme #saviorstatue #libertylovin #humblehugs #theagilityofhumility #imonlyone #buticanhugmany #letthelittlechildrencometome #justlikejesus #greatwhitehope #hugsforhumanity

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CS: How do you make activism look so good?

SB: You just have to keep a positive attitude and believe that you are the only answer to all the world’s problems. I mean, if not you, then who? Right? Rarely is there anyone more qualified than yourself to address a problem you come across in another country. Few people realize this, but its true. Also, mascara, lipstick, and the perfect boots (and the perfect 10 God-given figure that I happened to be blessed with) help.

CS: How has being in Africa inspired your fashion sense?

SB: I have realized how self involved I was before making Africa my home. I used to take pictures of myself constantly, trying to gain attention for myself and my fashion. Now, I only take them to promote bigger causes. Luckily, my terrific fashion sense helps this. I am really changing, and this vanity culture in America doesn’t appeal to me now… it is just all so… plastic!

Finally got some traditional dress today! Of course, I had to make a few alterations! If there is one thing the country Africa has taught me, it’s to be true to yourself and express your creativity through whatever means possible. Who wore it best? I did. I wore it best. #fashion #offensifabulous #fashionista #individuality #unique #myspin #mytake #jesus #love #clothes #traditional #whitesavior #whitesaviorchic #whitesaviorcomplex #whitesaviorindustrialcomplex #beauty #allthat #create #worthit #disciple #clothesforchrist #trends #trendsetters #likeme #likes #forlikes #followme #pleasefollowme #notaboutme

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CS: How is Ken coping with you being so far away?

SB: I am not going to lie, it has been really hard… for him. He just has to come to terms that right now Africa needs me more than he does. I am hoping he may come out and visit soon, but I think it will be hard for him to see me moving on. I don’t think I could ever go back to him at this point, he doesn’t even drive a motorcycle.

Ermagerrrd…..erm serting serdwerys!!!! #sorryamerica #yourelatetothesidesaddleparty #thatawkwardmomentyouthinkyourethefirst #sorry #yourenotthefirst #sideride #gonativeorgohome #sidesaddlesavior #excitingescapades #saddleupbuttercup #waywardwithwonder #lateralandlovingit #eagerlyedgeways #slopehope #ontheedgeofglory #glidetotheside #askewwithaview #scooterhooters

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CS: Are you surprised by how many followers you have? Is this your dream come true?

SB: YES! Who thought little old me could make such a big difference in the world! While I am so excited, I also want to express how humbling the experience of becoming famous is. Even though most of my photos revolve around myself, I hope nobody interprets my personal account as being all about me. They most definitely are not. That being said, I hope my followers continue to grow as big as my heart and love for the country of Africa!

CS: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

SB: I plan to have saved Africa fully by then, and perhaps move on to another country in need! I have so many things I want to accomplish in my life time and I don’t really want to be held down by only one place. I want to see the world!

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