Poetry in Motion: Poems for Public Transport

10 meditative poetry books to get you through even the longest commute on public transport

10 Poetry Books to Read on Public Transport

Cramped carriages. Broken air conditioning. Loud trance music. Unseamly smells! Just about every commuter can agree that public transportation in a nightmare. And that’s even before we get to work and face the mountain of tasks already awaiting us there! The daily grind of going through the transport motions can really do a number on us all. By week’s end we’re basically just physically drained, emotional wrecks dozing our way into a weekend sleep-a-thon. But does it have to be that way? Can we still be saved from the depths of transport hell? Here’s the good news: Yes! Yes you can! 

We’ve got an action plan up our sleeves to send you into a state of unadulterated transport bliss. And guess what? It involves something you can fit into just about every purse. “So what is this magic solution?” you’re surely asking. Is it a magic carpet ready to soar high above the commuter madness? Is it a tranquilizer to just put you out of your misery already? Or instead is enough snacks to eat yourself into a food baby coma? No, it’s actually something much more nourishing a whole lot simpler. It’s poetry, silly!

Rather than getting all worked up and all stressed out, why not transform your daily commute (however long and annoying) into a blissful opportunity for meditative reflection? But don’t worry, we’re not suggesting you lug the complete poetic works of Shakespeare onboard (frankly there isn’t enough extra seat space for all that). Instead we’ve handpicked the 10 best poems to read on bus, train, plane or automobile. We would have included cars and bikes, but hey, no one wants to get arrested for reading and driving. But wherever you’re headed, please remember to practice safe poetry. And don’t be afraid to get a little lost along the way.