A Blank Canvas curates Frieze

For The Culture Edit x Frieze we invited Yasmina Reza’s infamous blank canvas to curate our Art Fair inspired edit


Yasmina Reza’s play Art is coming back to London this autumn, 20 years after it first debuted. For those of you who aren’t intimately acquainted with the plot already (for shame!) here’s the basic rundown – a guy called Serge buys a pure white blank canvas by a trendy artist for 200,000 francs (because this is pre-Euro France, bien sûr). His friend Marc is entirely unconvinced of the painting’s value. According to him, it’s a piece of shit. Comedy ensues as the characters question not only the value of modern art but also ideas of friendship, tolerance and prejudice. A better play you cannot find to complement your Frieze London 2016 adventures!

But all this got us thinking. If the blank white canvas in the play could talk, what would it say? What opinions would it have? Playing off of that theme, for this Frieze edition of the Culture Edit we’ve asked the infamous blank canvas to act as our featured Curator. Turns out this unassuming canvas has a lot of big ideas about minimal fashion, bold homewares and intelligent literary choices. So go on, take a gander. But shopper beware, this curated selection is sure to cause a little controversy of its own. But after all, isn’t that what a healthy sense of personal style is all about?