A Bookworm curates Bookish Style

For the Culture Edit themed Culture x Bookish we asked a Bookworm to curate the ultimate in geek chic


For the Culture Edit x Bookish, we couldn’t imagine a better imaginary curator for bookish style than our nerdy little (she is literally miniscule) friend, the Bookworm. Lean, green, and with her bespectacled eyes always devouring the next literary great, we knew she’d have a long list of superb book recommendations. What we didn’t realize, however, is how sublime her literary style inspirations would also prove to be.

The results are as varied as they are surprising. Referencing other iconic bookish ladies like Lisa Simpson and the Brontë sisters, our wiggly friend has mastered the art of maximalist dressing. Packing a real style punch, her meticulously curated selection is more Gucci SS17 than sad junior school librarian. The Bookworm’s stylish selection proves once more that geek is undeniably chic.

So go on, take a browse through the ultimate in bookish style – we’ve got everything from evening clutches masquerading as our favourite novels to perfume guaranteed to have you smelling of old booksTrust us, that’s a good thing. Bookish style is here to stay, so embrace your nerdy nature and dress to impress.