Miss Piggy curates Pink!

For The Culture Edit themed Culture x Pink! we dreamt of inviting Miss Piggy to curate her trademark colour – why pink, of course!


For The Culture Edit themed Culture X Pink! we could not dream of a better cultural icon than Miss Piggy to curate her trademark colour. Sure, she’s technically a pig and a fictional character – but that doesn’t make her choices any less riveting.

In an especially rose-hued (and imaginary) edition of our Curator segment, Miss Piggy proved her aesthetic expertise and curated her favourite rose-hued inspirations. Pink also happens to be her skin tone, so that’s handy. So what do you get when the most glamorous and outspoken pig lady alive curates Pink!? A whole lot of chic ton-sur-ton, of course!

Our editorial team’s decision to invite the one and only Muppet muse into our midst was based on the fact that Miss Piggy’s own brand of pink is a kick ass, girl power sort of tone. We love that. A starlet and a diva she might be, but a damsel in distress? Never. Here’s a woman (sort of) who generally gets her own way and isn’t afraid to be the boss. Of course, many a serious cultural revolutionary and feminist icon has toyed with Pink! – the amazing work of Portia Munson in 1994/2016 Pink Project: Table comes to mind. Pink is a feminist topic and a colour full meanings to distill and deconstruct. But, what can we say? We just couldn’t resist injecting a touch of kitsch porcine pink to this Edit…