Morticia Addams curates Death Becomes Her

Or favourite spooky matriarch proves to have an absolutely wicked sense of style


Morticia Addams met us for a drink in Soho’s La Bodega Negra to talk about her imaginary curatorial role for this edition of The Culture Edit, one we’ve appropriately titled: Death Becomes Her. In real life Morticia is just as beautiful and chilly as you might well imagine. It was a dark night in London, so she sat across from us donning black cashmere (what else?) to suit the mood. Her alabaster skin was nearly translucent. The woman looked positively undead! Morticia ordered a double Medi Noche Mexicana (a deadly Mexican Midnight cocktail) and stared deep into our souls. The matriarch has gotten older and wiser, but certainly no less intimidating. We’ve dreamed up one nightmare of a shopping list chock-full of style inspirations Morticia might have suggested, had she been more than a spooky apparition. Happy Halloween!