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In this edition of The Culture Edit we’re getting romantic, inspired by the theme Hot Date


Ever seen that card with an illustration of two ants sitting on the front of it? You know the one, where one of the ants is holding a piece of fruit in his hands. “Is this a date”, he asks? “No, I think it’s a fig” answers the second ant. Lightbulb moment. For this Culture Edit we decided to bring you stories around a Hot Date theme. We’ve curated a veritable smorgasboard of stories too hot to stay in on a Friday night. No right swipe on Tinder necessary, this collection of inspirations is ready to take things to the next level.

Letter from the editor- hot date

You might want to start your journey with artist Pixy Liao’s photo essay about her Experimental Relationship. She’s literally rolled her boyfriend into a homemade sushi roll, and we love it. From there writer Yazan Kopty chats with us about taking inspiration for his first novel from his grandparents’ love story. If you love that you’ll fall head over heels for pastry chef Nadine Kopty’s (yes, they’re related!) recipe and story about a Date Cake, straight out of a 1960’s Jordanian TV cooking show.


As an imaginary curator we’ve invited everyone’s favourite literary matchmaker, Mrs Bennet from Pride and Prejudice to tell us everything she knows about hot dates (so long as they lead to marriage). Still, her tastes translate surprisingly well from the Regency period all the way through to 2016.

On the topic of marriage we spoke to Museum Director Michael Robinson about his favourite object: his Tsimshian Wedding Ring. We also lived vicariously through Andrew and Adrienne McDermott, whose first hot date in San Francisco led to an around the world trip together. They’re married now. Mrs Bennet would be pleased. But if you find yourself going single to a wedding don’t fret, we’ve got the perfect list of Inappropriate Literary Wedding Gifts to help you shake things up. Better than an awkward plus one, guaranteed.

Letter from the editor- hot date


On another note, photographers Carolina Pimenta and Anastasia Fugger have an ongoing artistic hot date with one another. Their ‘[gone] Project’ sees the pair travel and photograph the same place through different lenses, resulting in images perfectly paired in their symbiosis. This photo essay lets us crash their date in Mexico, lucky us.

hot date


Reflecting on romantic love and what happens long after the hot date cools down, we’ve got creative pieces about one woman’s lost loves (both real and imaginary), a poet’s nostalgia for past loves and Paris hotels, and a hot date dilemma that only an Agony Aunt or Uncle could fix.



hot date



Should it all go a bit awry, our breakup songs for literary heroines list will help. Sometimes even literary heroines go on a bad date.

Until next time, hot stuff.

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