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Pink! Chances are you either love it or you hate it. From the saccharine tones of Barbie’s dream house, to the trendy cool hues of Sketch in London, there’s enough variety to go about but it’s a colour (and a theme) that invites strong opinions.  Pink isn’t for sissies – as our imaginary guest curator Miss Piggy highlighted in her selection. Pink is full of associations, gendered meanings and feelings. For this edition of The Culture Edit we’ve been feeling a little bit like the editor in Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astair’s classic movie “Funny Face”. The woman who runs around the office singing  Think Pink!” (though our own rose tinted preferences tend more towards the surrealist fashion styles of SRK).

So Pink! it is. From the inner and quite literal deconstruction of the vagina in Maria K’s artwork, to farther afield in travelling the imaginary hues of the Grand Budapest Hotel. We’ll also show you how to sneakily blend into your surroundings with a fashion and art mashup so fun and perfectly pink that even Elle Woods would blush

Speaking of fun, For Pink! we’ve even been lucky enough to chat with the most iconic queen of pink, Barbie, in an exclusive interview, about her newest project “Saving the Country of Africa”. It’s post-colonialism meets plastic-fantastic pink

Meanwhile in the USA artist Pixy Liao took us on a photographic road trip to Memphis, exploring Tennessee’s dusty pastel tones away from her own Shanghai hometown. So there you have it. The Culture Edit brings you a little Pink! to brighten up your week.

Would you like some rainbow sprinkles with that?

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