Breakup Songs for Literary Heroines

Turns out hell hath no fury like a fictional woman scorned…

Hot Off the Press: Fresh Coffee and Fiction

Craving your next caffeine hit? Here’s a book to match!

10 Reasons to Love Persephone Books

There’s only 1 shade of grey Persephone Books is interested in – that of their cult novels by forgotten women writers. You can keep the other 49.

The Novel Cure: Books are Better than Pills

Need a cure for the infections of modern life? There’s a Novel Cure for that! Here’s your prescription – one book for each day of the week

Judge a Book by its Cover: Literature x Fashion

Let’s play a little literary dress up! Come explore the classics like you’ve never seen them.    

What I Read: a Feminist Bookshelf

She may be too fond of books and perhaps it’s turned her brain, but that’s alright with us. Here’s to books by women, about women, and for everyone

Long Live Print: the Hoxton Mini Press

What’s cooler than East London? Its very own (mini) publishing house, the Hoxton Mini Press.

Poetry in Motion: Poems for Public Transport

10 meditative poetry books to get you through even the longest commute  

An Open Book: Travel Diaries & Alternative Bathing Suits

Writer Kelly L McKenzie takes us on a rollicking ride through Chiang Mai, Thailand with her indomitable mother as a travel companion

Mexico City is for Book Lovers

Travel blogger Yasmine Awwad explores the Mexican capital through its hip bookshops, modernist libraries and traditional bookseller district

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