Art to See

Long Live Print: the Hoxton Mini Press

What’s cooler than East London? Its very own (mini) publishing house, the Hoxton Mini Press.

An Experimental Relationship

What happens when you draw artistic inspiration from your real life relationship? For photographer Pixy Liao, it’s just another day at the studio    

Gone Mexico : 1 Journey, 2 Lenses

Going, going, gone: photographers Carolina Pimenta and Anastasia Fugger take the road less travelled together in their Gone Mexico series

1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair

Don’t get stuck in the deep Frieze! Further South, as far as Somerset House (and Cape Town), there’s another art fair not to be missed…

Memphis Blues, Pinks & Greens

Away from the dull greys of her hometown Shanghai, photographer Pixy Liao finds a soft focus wonderland in Memphis  

Insider’s Guide: How to Start Collecting Art

Ready. Set. Start creating the art collection of your dreams!

Art Hack: How to master Frieze London 2016

The Culture Stories guide to mastering Frieze and making the best of the artiest weekend London has to offer

Between Beirut & São Paulo: Two Gallerists Take Us Inside Frieze

Gallerists Rana Nasser-Eddin and Maria Ana Pimenta talk local art scenes and international collectors

Napoleon in Timberlands: the Portraits of Kehinde Wiley

Come explore the Brooklyn-based artist’s intimate, political and painterly world where majestic black lives matter

Beyoncé’s Bittersweet Southern Lemonade

Okay ladies now let’s get in formation! Queen Bee takes us on a trip down South, serving up some bittersweet LEMONADE  

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