Books to Read

Hot Off the Press: Fresh Coffee and Fiction

Craving your next caffeine hit? Here’s a book to match!

The Novel Cure: Books are Better than Pills

Need a cure for the infections of modern life? There’s a Novel Cure for that! Here’s your prescription – one book for each day of the week

What I Read: a Feminist Bookshelf

She may be too fond of books and perhaps it’s turned her brain, but that’s alright with us. Here’s to books by women, about women, and for everyone

Poetry in Motion: Poems for Public Transport

10 meditative poetry books to get you through even the longest commute  

10 Books that Make Inappropriate Wedding Gifts

Why be boring at a wedding when you can be deliciously improper instead?

Interview with Poet Akhil Katyal

The Delhi-based poet discusses creativity, academia and his latest collection ‘Night Charge Extra’

(Re)Imagining Family History

What happens when you decide to write a novel inspired by your grandparents? Enter nomadic writer Yazan Kopty’s world of ancestral imagination    

Something Wicked This Way Comes: Sabat Magazine

What makes a modern witch? We’ll give you a hint, there’s not a single broomstick or pointy hat in sight!

Original Fiction: Guilt & Forgiveness

Set against the daily occurrence of violent real world events, author Maureen Pritchard invites us to explore a shadowy literary realm

The Unreadable Book

What if you couldn’t read your favourite book? Nayantara Premakumar unravels the mystery behind her beloved secondhand book      

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