Thoughts to Think

Breakup Songs for Literary Heroines

Turns out hell hath no fury like a fictional woman scorned…

10 Reasons to Love Persephone Books

There’s only 1 shade of grey Persephone Books is interested in – that of their cult novels by forgotten women writers. You can keep the other 49.

Objects of Affection: A Tsimshian Wedding Ring

Mike Robinson connects life, love, and family history through his treasured wedding ring

Owner of a Lonely Heart? Read This.

Ever wanted your own personal Agony Auntie or Uncle? We’ll give you two for the price of one…  

All the Men I Have Loved and Lost

Reflections on men loved, lost, and barely even met with a playlist to match  

Night Charge Extra

Read and listen along with Indian poet Akhil Katyal as he recites two poems from his new book

Maria Kulikovska & Her Radical Vaginas

Ceramic vaginas takeover London! Join Ukrainian artist Maria Kulikovska sews the seeds of feminism and rebellion

Forget Brangelina, Meet Africa’s Barbie Savior

Lions and Orphans and Selfies, oh my! An exclusive interview with parody Instagram celebutante Barbie Savior

Remembering Phife Dawg

Reflections on how A Tribe Called Quest influenced a social, political, and artistic life

Dreamless American Dream

Activists and friends Maria Zalewska and Chaédria LaBouvier discuss Black Lives Matter, social media radicalism and the aesthetics of rebellion  

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