Breakup Songs for Literary Heroines

Turns out hell hath no fury like a fictional woman scorned…

x Hot Date

In this edition of The Culture Edit we’re getting romantic, inspired by the theme Hot Date

Mrs Bennet curates a Hot Date

Because who’s better at curating a romantic scene better than meddling super matchmaker Mrs. Bennet?

10 Books that Make Inappropriate Wedding Gifts

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The Delhi-based poet discusses creativity, academia and his latest collection ‘Night Charge Extra’

(Re)Imagining Family History

What happens when you decide to write a novel inspired by your grandparents? Enter nomadic writer Yazan Kopty’s world of ancestral imagination    

An Experimental Relationship

What happens when you draw artistic inspiration from your real life relationship? For photographer Pixy Liao, it’s just another day at the studio    

Around the World in 80 Selfies

Meet the couple taking the world by storm with their witty travel selfies and appetite for non-stop fun      

Objects of Affection: A Tsimshian Wedding Ring

Mike Robinson connects life, love, and family history through his treasured wedding ring

Recipe: Palestinian Date-Tahini Cake

Pastry chef Nadine Kopty recreates her grandmother’s famous cake, stirring in a little cultural love in the process